Sunday, July 29, 2012

Western Canada Eats Itself!

Ideas do not exist separately from language.
Karl Marx, Grundrisse, Notebook I, p. 83

It did not surprise the Oracle of Ottawa at all when the British Columbia Premier Christy Clark finally stood up and balked good and loud about the financial arrangements of the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline that is going to divide British Columbia in two. (In more ways then one...) What really surprised the Oracle of Ottawa was that the Lotus Landers were going to allow the monstrosity to be built with out any revenue stream accruing to the provincial coffers! It is not a very good idea to take a bunch of knuckle dragging Alberta oil oligarch's at their word!

Don't Forget The Meter Stations!!

Now poor Allison Redford is going to find out what she is really in for. Wee Christy Clark is not stupid to demand the money from the Alberta government out of its royalty stream. Ms. Clark is very well briefed on how hard it is to get anything that will cost the Alberta knuckle draggers actual hard coin out of pocket on a timely and regular basis. And good on ya Girl! The Oracle of Ottawa figures that a per barrel per diem of a mere ten per cent (retail market price - Henry Hub) is not at all unreasonable. Electronically wired to the the province of British Columbia daily at twelve noon, or else the gates shut and all transfers are seized immediately. One must be firm when dealing with spoiled rotten oligarchs!

The Oracle of Ottawa takes great comfort that the wrench is now in the Alberta gear box. This will surely screw up the insane plan to pipe raw tar sand to Ontario! Like we really want that! You see dear reader, when Alberta is exporting raw tar sand to you, they are not exporting oil, they are in reality exporting tar sand tailings ponds! It has finally dawned on them that they shouldn't be the only ones whose grandchildren will have two or more heads, or even better, none at all. And won't it look great to the vulgar media when it appears that the "Harper Government" cannot control Quebec, and then have to admit that it cannot even control it's own home patch!

Meanwhile deep in the departments of the Privy Council, the "Harper Government" Bund is most worried and subdued. Their masters, the Peoples Republic of China, are not likely to be in the mood for anymore foolish democratic delays. All parties involved know who has the "goods" on who. For all those in the old vulgar media who just happen to have drawn the short straw of covering this "debate" should keep a very close eye on the fax machine(s)... Yes the micro dicks of the "Harper Government" are very deep into the pencil sharpener. (Made in China...)

Now we all know that the lead company of this future environmental fiasco cannot even keep a pipeline going that has the real slippery stuff in it, like wet natural gas and that sweet slippery oil. What do you think is going to happen when they start shipping sand paper grit in suspension, otherwise known as tar sand down a metal pipe under high pressure? Yes indeed, the Aboriginal Peoples of British Columbia along with Christy Clark are very right indeed. There is nothing in this for us...

Hmmmm... I don't think so....

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