Sunday, March 25, 2012

NDP Convention - Damn Near Killed Me!

Were lost, but were making good time!
Yogi Berra, The Yogi Book, p. 51

Oh my! The Oracle of Ottawa has been so busy as of late. He has been so deeply into the ever ongoing "Thinking About Thinking Project" that the usual amount of missives to this humble blog have been missing as of late. All the Oracle of Ottawa can say is that the vein in progress has been very rich indeed. But the events of and at the recent NDP Leadership Convention so moved the Oracle that he just felt that Hunter S. Thompson obsession to share all his thoughts and other mental gibberish.

The Next One?
To tell the truth, the Oracle of Ottawa was expecting the worst from the recent NDP hoe-down, truth be told. And although I felt the urge to write about it often, I was afraid that I would jinx it. It was late Saturday afternoon on the way back to the secure bunker in Ottawa-South from the highly coveted Saturday routine that the Oracle of Ottawa heard on the radio station of the "state broadcaster" the CBC, that the third ballot was being jammed by unknown dark, evil and nefarious forces. No doubt originating from somewhere in Monotonous, Montana and / or the China Telegraph and Telephone Company at the behest of the "dark forces" presently being investigated by Elections Canada...

Seated in front of the Sony EX620-40HD in all the splendor of the HD broadcasting from the CBC, the Oracle was catching from the end of the third ballot. The Oracle of Ottawa was very happy with four of the last five candidates. All the Oracle of Ottawa knew is who he did not want to win! And The opinions of Ed Broadbent and whats her name be damned! That short, or rather vertically challenged  little weasel, you know who, really creeped the Oracle of Ottawa out! And the Oracle is very well versed in his Old Testament stories of death bed blessings, don't ya know!! And he was having none of it!

Nathan Cullen's bed time reading....
 But, not to worry, that young Nathan Cullen saved the day! In a move right out of  The Prince, Nathan released his delegates to their own wishes and desires. This was the equivalent of cutting one second place candidates throat ear from ear! And the way he smiled as he did it, well the Oracle of Ottawa was mightily impressed! It has been decades since the Oracle has witnessed politics played so ruthlessly and perfect...Now that nice Tom whats his name is head of the NDP. What a relief! Now ask yourself this dear reader; Tom and Steve meet in a back alley in the wrong end of Montreal.. Who do you think is the one who is going to walk out? Yeah... Me too! It is going to be impossible to "attack ad" a guy whose nick name is "Tom The Bomb" ! And can you imagine how Question Period is going to go from now on? It is just going to be total heaven!

President Barack Obama....
Now this Nathan Cullen lad doesn't fool the Oracle of Ottawa for a moment. It's simply because I know about such things. Old Nathan has had a most privileged education. You don't learn to speak like that at an Ontario Public school, no sir. This guy is a Catholic? And he went to a Jesuit High School. How is the Oracle of Ottawa doing?  He has more than one university degree. Am I right. Really... He is really trying to keep the beacons under the bushel, just like that upstart from Old Montreal did back in the 1960's... But of course it will all come out at just the right time won't it?

Who knew? Barack Obama comes in white!

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