Saturday, March 17, 2012

Isn't Lenin Entitled?

Modern capitalist society is the hiding place of numerous cases of poverty and oppression.
Vladimir Lenin, The Lenin Anthology (Robert C. Tucker), On The Emancipation Of Women, p. 682

Even though you may get to live as long as the Oracle of Ottawa, and learn very many things, you will discover, often, that you will never be close to knowing everything. This was all brought home to the Oracle of Ottawa on Friday last while reading The Globe And Mail. On page A3 there was an excellent piece by Mark MacKinnon, the Moscow correspondent,  on the issue of what to do with the remains of Vladimir Lenin! It was a fascinating piece and I read the whole thing.

Lenin - 1919

It is hard for us in the West to even begin to understand the reasons, let alone the logic, of having a dead man on permanent display  since 1924! It is all a bit too creepy. But for those who know of such things, Lenin was no ordinary man, love him, or hate him. This guy took a backward, rotten, country steeped in a tradition of feudalism and in the space of much less than a century of his death launched it on a course to the position of one of the greatest powers on Earth. Now, being on that tight of a schedule, the mere fact that you will up to your elbows in blood is pretty much accepted as a given.

Lenin's Mom -
Maria Alexandrovna Ulyanova

It has been often remarked by the Soviet dissidents that there is a curse upon Russia as long as Lenin remains unburied. I believe I read that somewhere deep in Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's  The Gulag  Archipelago but I can't be sure, the 1980's is somehow, now a very long time ago. It has been from that time that somehow, we in the West, were convinced that it was Lenin himself that left directions for his body to be preserved for ever on public display. The reality of this myth is very far from the truth.

Mark MacKinnon reveals that Lenin's actual wish upon his death was to  be buried beside his mother in Saint Petersburg! The Oracle of Ottawa has to admit that he was totally blown away by that revelation. What is more natural for a son to wish to be buried beside his mother? Isn't Lenin entitled to his dying wish? Once we thought it was the curse of the czars that hung over Russia. Perhaps it is time to consider that it may the curse of Lenin, for not granting him his only dying wish.

Let Lenin go home to his Mom!! Gee whiz he has given enough at the office. Isn't he entitled to his dying wish?

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