Saturday, October 4, 2014

Justin Trudeau Whips It Out!

Knowledge, without personality, will not suffice.
Baltasar Gracian, The Science Of Success And The Art Of Prudence, Sec. 2

You just know the end is nigh when the Leader of the Third Party is talking like a Prime Minister with out the use of speaking points or 'do me' pink lipstick. But that was the case on Thursday of last week Dear Reader. The young Justin Trudeau was out giving a perfectly well attended speech. The latest poll data were in and the young Justin was way ahead in all of them. 

Justin Trudeau - The Next One...
 But it all went nuts at the question and answer period after the speech, hosted by the seasoned Don Newman, who the Oracle of Ottawa thought looked just great, for his exceeding number of years. When the young Next One  made the most excellent point that Canada would do much better by staying out of the Americans way in the airspace and rather contribute more to the humanitarian requirements of the 'wack the ISIS' mission. The line 'whip out our CF-18's to show them how hard they are' caused an absolute fire storm in the daily news cycle in Canada.

The Oracle of Ottawa damn near split a gut from laughing so hard, not to mention darn near falling off the couch. The image of Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government' running around naked in the middle east, save for his unraveling blue turban, with his half erect CF-18 flopping about in the breeze still brings a chuckle to the Oracle, even after so many days in passing. The Oracle of Ottawa saw it all as a defining moment. The balls of the young Justin have finally fully descended, no writ required. The next federal election campaign is now officially on.     

It is only the insanity of the last days of the Right Wing Revolution and the 'Harper Government' that would cause the creation of a mission for the Canadian Forces that would essentially entail dropping $100,000.00 smart bombs on $1.98 rag-assed jihadists! Even the thickest Conservative backbencher knows that the Americans don't need any more manned fighters to clutter up the already packed airspace of the middle east.  There are no doubt so many drones in the air at the time of this writing, that they require the air traffic control department of an aircraft carrier! 

You don't need the Oracle of Ottawa to tell you Dear Reader, that there are so many bodies under the ideological bus of the 'Harper Government' that the wheels can longer touch the ground. Now it appears that it is all much worse than that. The wheels are ready to completely fall off the bus all together. The bus is located in Ottawa at an out of the way location at a City of Ottawa snow plow garage, just outside the Chinese embassy personnel compound. If you go late at night you can see that said bus, now up on blocks, way at the back. If you are lucky, you will see the door open, with a weird old fat man at the steering wheel, with a grey toupee hanging off of the mirror, steering and shifting madly at the dead controls, screaming ' I,m driving the fuck out of this bus now!' at the top of his lungs... Such is the last waning days of the 'Harper Government'.    

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