Wednesday, July 17, 2013

City Of Ottawa - Casino Wars

At the end of reasons comes persuasion.
Ludwig Wittgenstein, On Certainty, Sec. 612

As Ottawa fries like an egg on a curb in Death Valley who would ever think that the summer of 2013 would contain so much entertainment? Usually in the bake of the summer months in Ottawa very little of note takes place, especially the clash of titans and mice. That, in the past, has always waited for the commencement of the standard social season that starts sometime after Labour Day.

The winner is: Eugene Melnyk?

It all just blew up out of nowhere didn't it? One day nothing and then Ka-Boom! Gentleman Jim the Mayor of Ottawa thought he could brush off the boorish Eugene Melnyk just as he would a poor stakeholder or long time employee that has actually taken the high ground and refuses to step down. That bit that showed up on the Oracle of Ottawas supper time news recently explained every thing. That Melnyk guy was hotter than hell, at that last City Council meeting, wasn't he? That is all quite easy to explain, if you are familiar with the recent workings at the present city of wall - mart. Gentleman Jim and his band of pathetic burg(h)ers thought they could tell old Gene one thing behind closed doors and place the knife in his back in public just like a pesky outraged small stakeholder or senior employee. 

Well as we all know, that didn't work this time. Eugene Melnyk is the real deal. He is the 75th richest person in Canada, with a present net worth of around a billion dollars. More than enough money to carry out his threats. More than enough money to hire every private dick in Canada and totally destroy the present creepy altar boy of City Hall, once and for all. Many items would no doubt be hauled out of many dark closets, why not even the Chinese could save him...

Coming soon to Kanata??

As real power would have it, old Gene won't have to spend a cent. The creepy altar boy has done everything that he was told to do save and except bending over and spreading them. And to add insult to injury, he won't be getting his name on it, or anything near or around it. That bit where he showed up on CBC Radio news recently was an absolute howler of fear and collapse.

The last municipal election proved how the people are reacting today, it was the largest flush out of a council in the history of Ottawa. At the time of this writing it appears to the Oracle of Ottawa that it really is true that sometimes one has to flush twice. The Oracle of Ottawa like many stakeholders in Ottawa can hardly wait...

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