Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Atta' Boy Daniel 'Alfie' Alfredsson!

A doubt that doubted everything would not be a doubt.
Ludwig Wittgenstein, On Certainty, Sec. 450

'Alfie' Alfredsson is beyond any doubt National Hockey League Royalty. He was the 75th player to make the 1000 point list. There are only six active players at the time of this writing that are on the hallowed roll, and Alfie is one of the living active Greats. It all seemed to be such a done thing back a few weeks ago. Alfie decided to play one more year, and surely that year would be played in Ottawa, wouldn't it? Surely the Ottawa Senators would back their desire with the market price of this desired player. Wouldn't they?

Daniel Alfredsson - Living Legend
All the reporting in the local old style vulgar media did not fool the Oracle of Ottawa for a moment. And the Oracle of Ottawa was not in the least surprised in the outcome. There is no doubt in the Oracles view that the Senators brain-trust made the fatal error in attempting to "wall-mart" Alfie. Relax, we can get him for a song, he owns a house here in Ottawa, his family is grounded here, and all his do good'in social charity work is located here, and he is such a rube of a boy scout that he will probably take a huge cut just to fulfill his moral obligations. Well as we all know the egg is on managements face on this one. Alfie and his agent figured some things out and bailed.

When the Oracle of Ottawa first heard the astounding news that the nutter Mel-Dick terminated the Scotia Bank naming deal everything in the future is now in question. When the Oracle of Ottawa first heard of the Can Trash Center naming deal and all the side arrangements that is essentially giving it control even into player operations, well a really smart person could see the writing on the wall. The Ottawa Senators  is soon to become the Houston Astros of the NHL! The goal for the future is not to win but rather to lose large and utterly every year so as to make a fortune in the increased higher level of draft picks. Being in last place and a total loser can be very profitable, year in and year out can't it? 

All you guys in Detroit are the real winners. Your chances of seeing the Red Wings drinking from the Stanley Cup just increased greatly. And the Alfer is from great genetic stock, probably related to Eric the Red, with great hockey player makeup, and with way more than one more season left in him. Looks like a dynasty from here...

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