Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Carbon Tax And Credit - The Age Of Geothermal

No. Some mathematician has said that the enjoyment lies in the search for truth, not in the finding it.
Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina, Part Two, Section Fourteen, Constance Garnett translation

One thing that the Oracle of Ottawa is most certain of is that Canada has a lot of rocks. We have more rocks than oil, more rocks then the Arabs have sand, and more rocks then the Asians have rice. We have white rocks, black rocks and rocks in between that are every shade, hue, and pattern. We have hot rocks and cold rocks, soft rocks and hard rocks.  Come to think of it we have more rocks than trees and Canada has trees up the ass.

Geothermal - The Next Big Thing?
It is most ironical that the line that the 'Harper Government' mocked the young Justin Trudeau the most over was his promise for a carbon tax and credit system if he ever formed government in October 2015. Well here we are only a few short months away and oil has tanked to under fifty dollars a barrel. And if the Americans cut a deal with the Iranians, all bets will be off, oil could scrape under ten dollars a barrel! Well so much for peak production and that it is all down hill from here...

It seems that it is even catching on out west. The oil industry is begging for a carbon tax and credit system. It is most likely that someone actually checked out the facts and rediscovered that Canada is a potential geothermal powerhouse of the world. And they know that this is a good ride of business, just ask anyone from Iceland! Those oil wildcatters never throw anything away, and that includes the memories of those many hot holes that never finished out to oil producers. Why sometimes the temperatures were in the hundreds of degrees.

When you come to think of it, geothermal and oil would go great together as a concurrent ongoing business model. When the oil price tanks, you could just go and work those hot holes, and it would be a great way to us up some of that stranded gas. You know a cogen turbine with geothermal assist. Plus the carbon credits of carbon free geothermal would certainly please the unit holders at dividend payout days! There could be a whole new industrial paradigm in the creation here...

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