Saturday, June 14, 2014

'Chain Gang' Tim Hudak Gets Crushed - Good Riddance!!

Men always love what is good or what they find good; it is in judging what is good that they go wrong.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, The Social Contract, Chapter 7

It is with great relief that the Oracle of Ottawa can report to his worldwide readership that you will not be seeing OPP officers standing shotgun over chain gangs at the side of our roads, highways and controlled access freeways, if you happen to be visiting Ontario anytime into the far far future. That threat and a whole lot of others fell by the wayside on Thursday last of this week.

'Chain Gang' Tim - Campaign to oblivion...
 It was the 2014 Ontario Provincial Election that settled it all, once and for all, for most of our lifetimes. For any corporate whores that were hoping that Ontario was soon to become a Right To Work Province like some third world southern American State, you can catch the next flight to Mexico. That was a another winger dream that also died last thursday for the next couple of decades at least.

As the Christian Fundamentalists in their shiny patent black leather shoes pack to go back to the winger think tanks that they came from in the United States, they have all come to the same conclusion; the right wing revolution will never catch on in Canada. These Canadians are just too smart to buy the think tank wrecking crew bullshit. As far as the minions of the 'Harper Government' are concerned, the on loan wingers will not be returning any calls from now on.

The one great lesson that the Oracle of Ottawa learned from this election is that the right wing wingers cannot take their own bullshit at all. The well funded trade unions in Ontario went right for the conservative style attack ads full bore, and it worked perfectly. It soon appeared that 'Chain Gang' Tim couldn't take as well as he tried to give. The big union bosses easily out spent the corporate whores. Like the Liberal gas plants it was money well wasted.  
The other great lesson is that the corporate whore pollsters are so corrupt and for the right wing that they are all but useless. They actually thought that the people of Ontario were stupid enough to vote the way that the flawed polls indicated. The people of Ontario simply stopped talking to them. And when the dust settled on Thursday night last, the pollsters were more humiliated than 'Chain Gang' Tim! It was high and wonderful comedy that the Oracle of Ottawa enjoyed very much.

It was a room of less then fifty supporters that were outnumbered by the media that greeted the defeated 'Chain Gang' Tim as he came to deliver his resignation speech. The Oracle of Ottawa was wagging for hours after that. As the Oracle of Ottawa was driving down many Ontario roads the next day, that were chain gang free, he listened to the right wing talking heads writhing in winger agony on the AM radio talk shows. It is only about another year to wait and it will be the turn of the 'Harper Government'... The Oracle of Ottawa id greatly looking forward to that...  

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