Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Symbolism Of Dean "D'oh!" Mastro

Just pick a dead end and chill out till you die.
Homer Simpson, The Simpsons, Episode 469

Everyone in Ottawa is wondering how such a stupid bag of hammers in the personage of Dean "D'oh!" Mastro ever ended up in Canadian Federal Politics. Well the Oracle of Ottawa will provide the required public service to his devoted readership by relaying the dominant rumor. You see old Dean comes from a family of car salesman. The rumor goes, if you think he is a fuck-up in Ottawa, you should have seen him at the dealership! It all came to a head or rather a butt, when the over large huckster could no longer slide his greasy bulk into a new Suzuki sedan! It is not very hard to picture is it?
Dean "D'oh!" Mastro

The "family" was more than happy to front the great mans attempt into anything that would get him away from the dealership for any length of time, the longer the better! Well it all turned out very well indeed. Well until recently. Then that stupid election expense check that exceeded spending limits turned up in one of the major publications of the Vulgar media. How weird is that? Now the latest rumors are that the great man is pondering the ascetical possibilities of the new Vic Toews double cell arrangements that are now in place in his possible next residence; Kingston Pen

Drop the soap Boy....

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